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Money Champion Club is a nonprofit organization that approaches financial counseling from a place of understanding. Our educators know how it feels to be overwhelmed by financial challenges, the numerous solutions available, and the need to make smart decisions for your current and future situations. We focus on building your strongest future possible while learning from your, and our, mistakes.

The mission of Money Champion Club is to empower women and young adults to take control of their financial lives and make appropriate decisions on the use and management of their money and to help/motivate people to make a change in their everyday lives that translates into financial success for them.

We make a difference by offering tools that teach women and young adults to manage and save their money. We help remove the obstacles that create the feeling of being overwhelmed by all the choices and decisions they need to make. Our clients are empowered by knowing that they can successfully make the right choice in their financial decisions  by accessing the resources and trainings we provide.

We have over 15 years of experience providing unique solutions to client's special needs. Solutions are based on real-world experiences and results.

We provide our clients with a specific, personal, and realistic plan for your particular situation. We explore and recommend options that fit within your lifestyle and helps you achieve your financial goals.

We host events, activities, and workshops that will provide financial and personal enrichment activities for young adults, women and their families. Provide one-on-one consultations.

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